Emergency Plumbing Spokane

Emergency plumbing isn’t something that we plan on.  In fact, we all hope that we never have to call on an emergency plumber.  However, here you are, looking frantically for someone that will be trustworthy, reliable, and dependable.  We work hard to help our clients get their emergency plumbing situation under control.  When you come home to a flood, backed up toilet, or overflowing sub-pump, you need to call on the experts.  These are not things that you can control but they are something that needs service right away.

We work with you to fully understand the situation and what we can do to resolve it.  Each emergency plumbing situation is different from the next one.  It is important that we are on our feet and act quickly during these types of situations.  If you are looking for an emergency plumber, call now.  We work fast and efficiently to get your emergency taken care of right away.  

We not only offer emergency plumbing services but also offer other amazing plumbing services such as toilet installation, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and laundry room services.  If you have a place that needs water and sewer hook up, we can assist.  We have installed bathrooms in basements as well as put the laundry on another level.  Make your life easier by having your laundry on the level that your dirty clothing is on, we can help.  We work with homeowners as well as commercial property owners to ensure their plumbing situations are handled with care and respect. 

Spokane Washington Emergency Plumber

We work and live in Spokane Washington and care deeply about our reputation.  We want our clients to be pleased with our work and go above and beyond their expectations.  It is important to us that our clients are impressed with our plumbing skills and work. We work diligently to ensure all projects remain on time and on budget.  Should we run into an unexpected problem, we will discuss this with you.  We have experience in plumbing and have done many basic plumbing jobs over and over again.  However, every so often, there is something that stumps us and pops up.  When this happens we believe in communication with our clients.  We will give you the best solution for the problem at hand.

Emergency plumbing services are services that we all hope we never need.  However, we are here at a moment’s notice when the emergency strikes.  We are happy to discuss your issue and take a hands-on approach to resolve the issue.  Our team of experts has helped many clients just like you out of a sticky situation.  We work tirelessly to ensure that we have your emergency handled, day or night.  

Emergencies don’t always happen on the 9-5 shift.  This is why we offer emergency plumbing services day or night.  We are simply a phone call away, no matter what time it is.  Should you find your home flooding, the first thing you should do is shut the water off to the home.  This is typically done with a shut-off valve.  This will stop the water from flooding in, while you wait for us to arrive.  Call today and let’s get you fixed up and back on track.


Why choose our Services:

  • Friendly customer service
  • Free estimates on select services
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • No overtime charges

We are your local Spokane County plumbers dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Contact us now to experience the difference with Big Red Wrench Plumbing Services.

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